Darkness Binding - Session 1

Fergus (a leprechaun bard) Ko'Wingmi, (a war-forged ranger), Sticks (a scarecrow storm sorcerer), and Callie, (a halfling cleric of Avandra), have all set sail on the Loyal Watcher bound for the new continent of Blemingsworth for wealth and adventure.

The journey was pleasant and normal until a ferocious thunderstorm overwhelmed the Loyal Watcher, and it capsized.  As the adventurers began to sink into the cold icy depths of the sea, they were magically plunked from death and lost consciousness.

Upon waking, they discovered they were in a dark cave with a locked door.  A strange humanoid figure wearing a long raven mask calling himself Septem was with them, though had no idea how they, or himself, ended up in captivity.

Ko'Wingmi (also known as Koko) was able to open the door, where they were attacked by four human jailors.  The party was able to defeat their jailors. 

End of Session
Loot:  two clubs
XP: 275



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