Darkness Binding - Session 2

Fergus (a leprechaun bard) Ko'Wingmi, (a war-forged ranger), Sticks (a scarecrow storm sorcerer), and Callie, (a halfling cleric of Avandra) are on the distant continent of Blemingsworth looking for wealth and adventure.

After defeating the human jailors, the party explored the cave and managed to find all their equipment, though not before Fergus set off two nasty traps.  They also found a magical augmented door designed to blast them with fire if tampered with.  

Upon donning their equipment, they heard footsteps and the magically augmented door opening and closing.  They party was then quickly attacked by three Shadar Kai, humanoids from the Shadowfell.  

The battle was grim and all almost lost their lives as the Shadar Kai proved to be almost impossible to hit.  Fergus, Callie, and Koko were all dying on the floor when Sticks and Septem managed to kill the last two Jarring half-witted baggage (according to Fergus) Shadar Kai.  

The party was able to rest after the battle and recover.  They found that just past the main gate was a door (that perfectly matched it surroundings) that lead to a forest.  At this point, Septem disappeared.  

The smell and sounds of the sea came from the East, and the party traveled that direction until coming upon a path that lead North and South.  Sticks felt that North was the better direction, and so the party traveled North.  Finally, as dust approached, a strange and peculiar cart being driven by well-dressed goblins approached from the south.  On a hunch, Callie called out and asked if they spoke common.  Indeed they did!  Goblins are normally foul creatures, but to the encounter a more civilized goblin was intriguing!   

Callie using her skills of diplomacy (Rolled a 26) managed to navigate the encounter without violence.  The leader is a goblin named Rack.  Accompanying him was his children Tamarac, and Ick.  There were two goblins in the cart both named No-one.  

Rack invited the party to camp with them in a near by grove, and found out that the road south led into the Cashmere mountains, while North led to the port city of Hlonde.  The party accepted the offer and rested for the night in the grove.

End of session.
Loot:  10gp, 15 black Shadar-Kai daggers.
XP:  250
Notes:  the players rolled so awful it was clear Avandra was nowhere near the vicinity, and had totally forsaken the entire party.  The spellcasters each missed six or seven times in a row, while the DM (who had luck to spare) rolled max damage six or seven times in a row.  The party was one or two hits away from a total party kill.  It was ridiculous.  But we LIVE!  Huzzah!




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